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Year in Review: Your Best Moments of 2021

happiness mindset Dec 29, 2021

2021 has been another crazy year. It seems like we were ringing in the new year just yesterday, and now we're already on the verge of 2022. As we prepare to say goodbye to this year, I wanted to ask you: What are some of your favorite memories from this year?

Whether it's a specific moment or an ongoing experience, I'd love to hear about it! For me, some of my favorite memories include slow dances in the kitchen, finally spending time with family and friends, and launching this blog and the FashionSHEsta podcast!. I'm curious to see what everyone else enjoyed this year! So let me know in the comments down below! :)"

If you cant think of anything off the top of your pretty head, I want to share this list of questions that a famous personal development coach, Brendon Burchard sent me...

Your Year in Review for 2021

  1.  What were your favorite moments and memories of 2021?

  2.  What achievements or wins (big or small) are you most proud of in 2021? What did those wins mean to you?

  3.  Who were your favorite people in your life in 2021? What did you learn about them and about your relationship with them?

  4.  What were the 5 biggest personal lessons learned in 2021?

  5.  What were the 5 biggest professional/career lessons learned in 2021?

  6.  What 3 things do you wish happened in 2021 that did not, and what can you learn from that (and what goals can you set because of that).

  7.  What 3 positive things happened that you did not anticipate happening and are grateful for?

  8.  What's the main positive takeaway you want to have from 2021 so that you have a positive association from another year alive on Earth?

  9.  How can you finish this year rested, refreshed and in a positive mindset for 2022?

  10.  What are your top 5 goals for 2022?

If you're interested in personal development, here is a link to Brendon's company, GrowthDay. It's an app and it's like the Netflix of personal development!  I like having everything in one place.

Here's the link for a 14-day free trial if you're interested.

If you're not interested in the app but want to go over the questions together, listen to this week's FashionSHEsta podcast...

Year in Review: Your Best Moments of 2021

The year is coming to a close, and it's time for us all to take some time to reflect on the memories, moments, accomplishments, and special people that made this past 12 months so memorable. I hope you enjoy reflecting on your 2021 review as we head into 2022 with a grateful heart and eyes forward. 

Thank you for being someone who made 2021 memorable for me 💝