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Use Your Credit Card Perks to Pay For the Cost of the Card Fees

everyday Oct 22, 2021
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I recently started using the Apple Card. It doesn’t have an annual fee and I like that I can see (in a friendly way) what I’ve spent for the day/week/month etc

 I didn’t “need” another card but I like the idea of Apple Pay, plus the actual credit card is white and well, it was the only color card I didn’t have. Now my collection is complete. KIDDING! 

This additional credit card sent me down the rabbit hole of which, if any, of the other credit cards I’ve accumulated over the years for a “Free flight” additional 10% off or 100,000 bonus miles at a 5-star hotel I actually needed or wanted for that matter.

I began with the “Travel-perk” credit cards I have, Frontier, Spirit, and United, and a Marriott Bonvoy Visa. A quick Google search of Spirit MasterCard vs United Visa brought back an easy-to-read graphic showing the compare/contrast of each card I typed in.

I then moved on to the cards with shopping perks, Amazon Visa and as of last week, Apple Card.

It didn’t take long for me to realize the amount of money I’ve been spending on credit card fees, specifically the fee that gives me the right to spend $$$ on the card. How crazy is that? I’m going on a quest in 2022 to lower the number of fees I pay. #FeeFREE

I’m value-driven, so before canceling everything I decided to check out the perks before doing so and I am glad that I did!


Here are a handful of perks I’ve activated before streamlining down to 2 cards, 1 for business and 1 for personal. That’s it. 

🎵4 months of Amazon Unlimited Music for $2.99

 ✈️2 TSA Pre-check passes for FREE! 1 for me and 1 for my husband

 📦1 year of Shoprunner Free (Service that most e-commerce stores use to ship/track orders)

 🛒Instacart premium- Free for 1 year

 🛍10% off at


This is just from 1 card, the Marriott Bonvoy Visa!


If you are looking to clean up your finances before the holidays hit while taking advantage of some great perks check out your credit cards and see what they offer.

If you aren’t sure where to locate your perks, you can usually find them when you log in to the credit card account or there’s always Google, just search the card you have + perks. (Marriott Bonvoy Visa perks)


If you have a favorite credit card that you use please share which one and why you love it.



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