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The Best Time for New Beginnings is NOW

happiness Dec 05, 2022

I've heard or seen the quotes, “the time is now” or, “there’s no time like the present,” plenty of times over the years, but recently wondered why certain things never seemed to leave my to-dos or my wish list. 

We tend to think that our wish list should head to the back burner until “LATER” when the “time is right.” Who gave us the idea that “later” is a good reason to delay the desires resonating within us for multiple New Year's goals? 

After another list with many of the same goals, I looked deeper at why I kept listing the goals but excused them away with “now isn’t the time.”

I wondered…was it because I didn’t believe that NOW was, in fact, the BEST time for a new beginning/truly launching the company I had been fantasizing about creating since 2001? (You read that date correctly.) 

In turn, that “now isn't the time” thinking permitted me to dilute the importance of my fulfillment. (Oh yeah, plenty of sound logic there.)

Basically, I had myself convinced that “now isn't the right time” for over 20 YEARS! “Now,” I’m almost 55 years old and can confirm that life ticks on with or without our wishes fulfilled.

Which led to more thinking…

I ultimately realized that my procrastination had nothing to do with time and everything to do with FEAR. Fear of what others might think, or, heaven forbid, SAY, and what if they say it publicly on IG or FB?! <insert shriek>

This led to more thinking, except this time, I asked myself better questions to determine if these goals were truly something I actually wanted to bring to fruition or if writing these lists over and over was simply a bad habit I had developed over the last 20+ years. 

One way or another, it was time to make a decision, so I borrowed 5 minutes from my future to find out…

I tapped into my imagination and asked two simple questions; What? and How?

What if I just launch the company and let the proverbial chips and opinions of others fall where they may? 

What if people are actually looking for or are interested in what I have to offer?

How could it impact them and, in turn, their friends and loved ones?

I quickly realized that what was parked on my to-do list for all of those years wasn't just about me.

But I still wondered… 

What would my life be like if I did it?

How would it feel?

How would it impact my life?

How would it impact the lives of those I love and who love me?

More importantly, I asked myself;


What if I DON’T do it?

What if another year goes by and I don't do it because I continue to allow made-up fear of what a handful of people might have to say about it? I'm pretty sure we're close to 8 billion people on the planet as of late 2022; what’s a handful, .000000000001%?

What if another 20 years go by?

At 75, it would be crystal clear that even during the most difficult times when I could have easily justified that “now is not the time,” the potential and the opportunity were still there, hoping today would be the day it was off the wish list.

How would I feel? 

I felt it…I would feel that I let myself down in a really big way. I would feel that I only lived life at 40%-- in the safe zone.

How would it impact my life? 

Hello, depression from 75 until…

How would it impact those I love? 

This resonated like no other question. I imagined the depression would be magnified because I would feel that I let down those who love me by not living my heart's desire and showing them what's possible when you don’t hand your life over to fear. How much of their fulfillment will my fear have cost them? Will my son have the courage to live a bold, colorful life and do hard things despite doubt? Lawd knows I’ve done enough inner-child work at this point in my life to know the impact our mothers have on us.

My thoughts also went to the women and their friends and families whom I could have positively impacted over the years...ouch.

Soothsayers say NOW is all we have

If now is all we have, but the fear is making the decisions, how fulfilling could life be? 

Which led me to the best question, how fulfilling could life be? 

Are there wishes/goals showing up repeatedly on multiple lists, tip-toeing around your mind, leaving your desires wondering why they aren't a priority in your life? I mean, we’re talking about your personal fulfillment. How can now NOT be the best time? 

Make your goals/wishes/desires more important than the familiar comfort of someday or later, not now. Starting right NOW. 



Choose a juicy goal that immediately feels like “now is not the time.” A goal with a result that you can't even fathom how to make happen. Yep, that's the one that's actually perfect timing to make happen NOW.

Before you stop reading because a combination of excitement, dread, and overwhelm are flowing through you, ask yourself these 3 questions to clarify if now truly is the time.

With the goal in mind, allow your imagination to take you there…

  1. Imagine it coming true. Really feel it-where are you, and who are you with? What are you doing because you reached it?
  2. Imagine someone you love and adore and how your goal coming to fruition would positively impact them. Let your imagination immerse you in the feeling and flood you with a positive impact.
  3. Head to 1, 5, 10, 20 years into your future…Now, imagine not taking any action toward your wish list. How do you feel? Really feel it.
  4. How would not reaching for your goals impact those you love and love you? Will they remember you as the one who had “so much potential” but was too afraid to make it happen and, therefore, “die with the music still in you?”

Please, don’t.

Take a look at your list, choose 1 goal to focus on, and determine 3 next logical steps to make it happen. Repeat until achieved.

As for my’re reading it. is for women who happen to be model-age/55+ and want to live with Style & Happiness, Every day!

Thank you for helping to make my dreams and goals happen. How can I help you to do the same?