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Thank YOU and Happy LDW!

everyday happiness style Sep 04, 2021

Wow, Labor Day weekend is here whether we beach people like it or not. (Actually, where I live September is considered “local’s summer” —the crowds are gone but the sunshine and warm temperatures remain for a few extra weeks👏



If you’ve been around for a bit you might remember the Summer Wish Lists that we put together at the beginning of the summer to ensure it was an epic one! I glanced at mine last week and noticed there are still 5-6 things that I haven't done. Off the top of my head I think it's fishing, making smores, sunset stand-up paddleboarding (definitely happening), and something else that I can't remember at the moment.🤔


I’ve noticed that some people could care less about doing things on a Wish List and others have thanked me for the idea. Whatever works for YOU is the FashionSHEsta way. The FashionSHEsta lifestyle is simply a way to live your life in a way that fulfills YOU! The Style, Happiness, and Everyday categories are there as a way to organize the topics I feel we can relate to that I like to share information about.


I’m working on an online library of topics and how-tos that cover each category. The goal is to simplify life for you so you can quickly and easily access the info where and when you need it. (I’m hoping to make it even easier by having an app to tap)




For example, You have a wedding or special event to attend and you're wondering what’s in style and how to wear current trends in a way that flatters you. (Including makeup and accessories). That would fall under the STYLE category. (Obvi)




Let’s use the same example of attending a wedding for the HAPPINESS category. Among other topics, you might visit this category for ways to feel confident in the event there are prickly people also attending who tend to get on your last good nerve😅 Visit the HAPPINESS section for some quick Mindset hacks to enjoy the evening like the FashionSHEsta you are!



The last example I’ll use the wedding scenario for is the EVERYDAY section. You would visit the EVERYDAY section for gift ideas and/or creative ways to wrap it. 



Ultimately, FashionSHEsta will be where “model-aged” women (49-64) go when they want to be educated, empowered, or entertained about things that are related to what they might be struggling with.


The reason I’m sharing this with you is that you are helping to build something that will hopefully change the way “middle-age” is viewed and ways to make the rest of our lives the BEST of our lives🙌                      

Thank you for your support then, now, and in the FashionSHEsta future🤩