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Summer 2021 "Live-List"

mindset Jul 12, 2021


Growing up and living at the shore has certainly secured summer in the #1 spot when it comes to my favorite season. I love the vibe of summer and want to squeeze as much juice out of the 10 or so weeks it’s here!


When I met my husband, Bob in 2016 it didn't take long to realize that summer is also his favorite season (actually, football season is truly #1 for him). We were talking about things we were looking forward to doing once summer arrived. The cold, grey NJ skies from January-March had us dreaming of late afternoons on the beach…


I got to thinking about the top 10-20 things that would make it an epic summer. I opened the Notes app on my phone and started making a list of things that I thought would be fun to do. Some things were typical for summer like bike rides, lifeguard races, and fresh warm caramel popcorn on the boardwalk. Looking back, other things were clearly added by someone falling head over heels in love. When was the last time “kissing in the rain” was on your to-dos? Bob is the retired detective but even the neighborhood squirrels knew I was digging him!


Anyway, I’ve been doing this every summer since and every summer (including 2020) has been one that gives me all the feels when I think about it or a random picture shows up on the slideshow I have on display.


I invite and encourage you to think about what would make this an epic summer for you! Get crazy and give it a theme if you want to! Will this be the summer of love? Fitness? Finally reading the books that you’ve been going to read? 


Tell Siri or Alexa to play some beach music and get your list going for your epic summer. Take pictures, keep some mementos and join me at the end of August in putting together a photo book of the Epic Summer of 2021!


If you’re more of a paper and pen gal print out this sheet and fill in the squares, make it fun, and create your own beach-blanket-bingo!