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Shop Your Closet For These Top 5 Fall 2021 Trends

essentials fall seasons style trends Sep 10, 2021

As the sun sets on summer, we begin to look ahead to all the Fall games, falling leaves, cozy sweaters for those crisp mornings that are heading our way here in New Jersey, and an annual PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) to make us question why we continue to overpay for a grossly sweet beverage that sometimes tastes like what I imagine a pumpkin spiced candle would.   

That being said, Fall 2021 fashion trends are also here and in the event you’re wondering what is even in style at this point aside from facemasks and possibly hazmat suits, then keep reading…

For those of us who are tempted to overpay for a PSL, not to worry because I’m going to show you how to shop your closet for this season’s trends so you can save some $$$!

 Trends tend to be cyclical and re-appear within a month or two after you finally decided to donate or sell whatever is suddenly back in style. I’m being sarcastic because I know I can not be the only person this happens to!

 This season’s trends give a nod to the 80s and early 2000s. Think bright colors worn as one monochromatic look. (Elle Wood from Legally Blonde comes to mind, sans the dog), bold chains worn as jewelry or added to accessories, faux (fowe) fur, knee-high boots, and oversized totes as handbags.



In the event your brain is cramping from the thought of wearing any of these trends and you’ve already decided to chalk it up to trends being “exclusively for the young and trendy,” stay with me.

I’m going to share a few ways to shop your closet for 2-3 of the Fall 2021 trends and wear them in a way that you feel confident and on-trend without looking or feeling like a heavy-metal clown in knee-high boots and a faux fur coat.


Trend #1

Bright Colors

Designers are excited to add a hella lotta color to our post-pandemic life. Channel your inner-Cyndi Lauper and think neon pink, electric blue, sunny yellow, and electric orange.


Assuming you donated your neon clothes along with the shoulder pads that were part of the uniform at the time, you can wear the trend in other ways. Choose a bright pop of color for your mani-pedi or shop your closet for a brightly colored scarf and tie it on the handle of your handbag for an easy way to incorporate the trend.


Neon lipstick, eyeshadow, or anything that makes you resemble an orange traffic cone. 

Trend #2

Knee High Boots

The last couple of years have been about ankle boots and before that, it was riding boots. This year it’s a revised riding are knee-high with an 80’s retro-looking heel. Remember those clodhoppers from back in the day? I called them my Frankenstein shoes and regardless of trends, after losing over 40 pounds I have no intention of bringing anything chunky back. Period.  


If you have knee-high boots in your closet, buff them up with a little Vaseline and wear them with a midi-skirt or dress. “Midi” length is midway between your knee and ankle, and is in my opinion, the most unflattering place for a dress or skirt to end, which makes knee-high boots (including riding boots) the perfect footwear. **Riding boots tend to be flat. As far as colors, anything goes but cream or white slouchy boots are top sellers as I’m writing this.


Boots that need to be polished or could use a trip to the cobbler, spend the $$ to resurrect them and rock your look through Fall. **When shopping for knee-high boots, look for brands that have hidden "stretch" so your legs don't feel like they're wearing a girdle. Stay away from anything too clunky that could pull an unsuspecting hamstring. 


 Trend #3

 Tone on Tone (monochromatic) Tailored Pieces

This trend is my fave so far, I think it can be a very chic look whether you’re wearing it to work or out to lunch with the girls.

In the past, monochromatic has been connected to neutral colors like tan, beige, grey, black, and white. Monochromatic can be any color or color family, the idea is for the outfit to have one color with different hues and textures of the same color. 

 For example, even though faded or light wash jeans are trending, dark wash denim still works for a more polished look. Dark denim jeans, a powder blue long-sleeved tee, and a denim jacket will get you where you want to go.

Look in your closet for a color and the coordinating shades you want to wear and mix and match the pieces to create an outfit like I did with these winter-white pieces...


Anything that doesn't fit properly or that is uncomfortable.


 Trend #4

Faux Fur

 In addition to Cloud Coats which are giant puffer coats, faux fur coats are here. If you have a Teddy Coat from a couple of years ago bust it out. If it’s cream or white, step on the runway because cream and white are popular. If you dont know what a Teddy Coat is let alone have one, then any faux fur will do. I picked up this faux leopard on clearance at Nordstrom’s (Aka Nordy’s) last year. **Animal print is considered “neutral” so feel free to add it to a monochromatic outfit in the same color family. 


Teddy Coat--


Anything that might cause someone to mistake you for a sheepdog. Faux fur Uggs or boots if you’re over 40. Faux fur handbags, headbands, etc. 

 Trend #5

 Bold Chains 

 Channel your inner Run D.M.C. and find the thickest chain you have for Fall 2021. It can be a necklace, bracelet, or handbag with chain details as long as it’s a big ol chain it’s on-trend for fall 2021. 

 If you dont have a thick chain you can still be on trend with some “fringey” jewelry such as chandelier earrings or a fringey necklace like these...




Tarnished jewelry, anything heavy or uncomfortable. 


That summarizes the Fall 2021 Trends that we can shop our closets for! It's very color"fall!" The trick with trends is to use them as an inspiration when you are creating your signature look.

If you have any questions you can reply to this email or message me on Instagram @FashionSHEsta

Thank you for being a FashionSHEsta, I appreciate you💖