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Relationships Add Color and Meaning to Life

happiness relationships Feb 09, 2023

Relationships are an integral part of life and can shape our experiences in various ways. From close family ties to intimate relationships with friends, having strong connections with others can impact us in many positive ways.


Relationships change over time. This is a good thing, otherwise we would stay stuck and stagnate. Believe me when I tell you that not every relationship will evolve with you at the same time. It’s ok, keep growing.

First and foremost, the relationships  that do grow with you through the years provide a natural source of love, companionship, and support. We are all unique individuals, so expressing our emotions and desires can be challenging without being judged or misunderstood. But having close relationships helps us feel heard, understood, and accepted for who we truly are – something essential for our personal development.

Relationships can also help keep us grounded and structure our lives. They offer guidance on complicated decisions and a platform to discuss doubts or fears without fear of condemnation. The best relationships allow us to celebrate successes together and comfort one another when things don’t always go as planned. Relationships like this each have a seat at my phantom “table.” I think of it as my team of advisors in each area of my life knowing that we are there to genuinely support each other, not waste time with gossip or comparison.

Relationships remind us that we aren’t alone in this world. Although being independent is integral to life, having other people there for guidance and support can make any endeavor easier to tackle. I know that regardless of the type of relationships you have, they can be challenging.


Level up Excercise: When the “UGH!” arrives, ask yourself why what they did or said has you so twisted and write it down in sentence form. Continue writing and ask yourself what that means to you and why. (Stay with me here) Go one level deeper and write, “because if she says ______ that means I’m _________.

Get into the habit of doing this for yourself and you’ll quickly realize there’s a good chance whatever had you twisted wasn’t about them to begin with ;-)