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The Best Winter Coats for Different Body Shapes

style Feb 08, 2023
3 women wearing different styled winter coats for their body shape


When it comes to winter weather, having a warm coat is key! But finding the right one for your body type can be tricky. Here are some tips for choosing the best winter coat style to flatter your body shape.


🍐Pear Shape: Asymmetrical Coats

For pear-shaped bodies, try looking for coats that have an asymmetrical cut—this will help draw attention away from your hips while still keeping you warm and cozy. A belted coat with an A-line or empire waistline would also be a great option as it will contour your figure and give off an hourglass look.


📏Rectangle Shape: Pea & Quilted Coats

Rectangle shaped bodies should look for coats that add volume in all the right places to create an hourglass silhouette. Pea coats and quilted styles are perfect as they provide extra warmth while helping define the waist!


Hourglass Shape: Waisted Coats

If you have an hourglass figure, then belted coats would be your best bet—they will accentuate your curves without losing any of the functionality or warmth of a winter coat. Fitted jackets are also good options if you don’t want to compromise on style!


🍎Apple Shape : Puffer & Asymmetrical Coats

Apple shapes should opt for coats with longer lengths, such as puffer or trench styles, which will help draw attention away from the midsection area. Asymmetric cuts or flared hems could also work well as they provide structure around the shoulders and chest while still allowing room in the hips and stomach areas.

By taking into account your individual body type when selecting fall/winter outerwear pieces you’ll have no trouble keeping warm while looking stylish this season!