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Simple Picnic Ideas for Summer 2023 | FashionSHEsta

everyday picnic play Jun 13, 2023
brief atricle sharing summertime picnic ideas


Happy National Picnic Month! Yep, it’s news to me too, but since the hubby and I are all about a late afternoon/early evening picnic on the beach, I decided to spring into action and share with you how I like to picnic on the beach and give you a few other ideas for picnic-ing that would make Yogi & Boo Boo very proud.




Once a year, usually in early September, my husband Bob and I have our annual fried chicken and champagne picnic on the beach. It started as a fun Summer Wish List item but quickly became an annual thing to do! We relax with some bubbly as the late afternoon sun starts to call it a day and reminisce about summer and our favorite moments...

It kind of ends up as a gratitude-meets-goals moment because after laughing or “awe-ing” about things we just experienced, we talk about what we would like to accomplish or do between now and the end of the year. It can be as simple as finishing up some things on our Summer Live List, choosing which concerts to see, which Eagles game to attend, booking travel, or purging the basement! (I will say, the basement has been on my hit list for a few seasons...I guess “Decluttering Your Basement in 50 Minutes” could be an upcoming blog post!)


Back to the picnic…


I’m doing my best to simplify life and “use what I have” instead of buying more STUFF! That being said, what I put together doesn’t look like traditional picnic gear such as a red and white checked tablecloth with a wicker basket and loaf of bread peeking out. Think more along the lines of an upgraded beach bag-cooler with a bottle of champagne where the White Claws usually go and Fried Chicken where the Wawa hoagies usually are. #Simplify

If you just winced at the thought of Fried Chicken, visit this link for 100 ideas for picnic food and fun!


Here’s a quick list that I put together before I found this amazing resource by Ordinary and Happy:

I hope you find or create a reason to get outside this month and enjoy the fresh air while making memories during #NationalPicnicMonth!