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Spiced-Apple Boozy Bundt Cake

entertaining everyday home recipes seasons Oct 11, 2021
brown bundt cake with white royal icing drizzled over it

I love Fall! The crisp mornings, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, cozy sweaters, and all of the tastes and smells of Fall... pumpkin spiced candles, a homemade apple pie with the perfect crust, or the smell of the first fire of the season. All favorite things!

My husband, Bob, and I are fortunate to live in a warm and friendly neighborhood. During the Fall/Winter of the pandemic, we would all circle our beach chairs (by family) around a fire pit in the cul-de-sac listening to music and catching up.

At the beginning of October, our doorbell rang with a smiling neighbor delivering a  bottle of homemade "Apple Moon Shine" that another neighbor made for each of us. (Yep, they are thoughtful and crafty too ;-)


I didn't want this thoughtful and seasonal gift to go to waste so I decided to see if I could make a boozy-bundt cake with it and this is what I came up with. Vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream goes well with it also.

Please tag me on IG @FashionSHEsta if you decide to make it!