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Welcome to FashionSHEsta! Here you will find stories, tips and how-to's for living a life in "model-age" with Style & Happiness, Every day!


I’ve been drawn to all things having to do with adding a splash of style and some fun-factor to everyday things since I was in grade school. It didn’t begin with constructing a makeup table out of milk crates and plywood when I was in 7th grade, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I realized at a young age that if I was going to do the same things daily, I should at least make it an enjoyable experience and if I can add a dash of glam to it, even better!


That janky makeup table led to over 35 years in the beauty & fashion industry as a manicurist, makeup artist, image consultant, and stylist for multiple clothing, accessories, home decor, and makeup companies. Including founding my own cosmetics and skincare company when I was in my 20s which allowed me to freelance for Showtime, ABC, NBC, and most importantly, helping women look and feel beautiful.


After I closed the cosmetics company to be a stay-at-home mom, my bestie introduced me to the direct sales business model which was perfect for me to be able to work my business around my life and not my life around my business. I enjoyed helping women decorate their homes, put outfits together, and accessorize like a pro for close to 20 years.


Now I’m focusing on helping other women over 50 live with style and happiness, every day through my blog @